• we are Newave Studio
  • we Create awesome sites
  • we Make outstanding design

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What we do

we are newave

We're a close team of creatives, designers & developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences. We take pride in delivering only the best.

We are good at

We're an agency born out of a passion to make great products. We help companies and startups from all over the world materialize their ideas into great projects

  • Brand Identity 80%
  • Mobile & Web Design 100%
  • User Experience 70%
  • iOS Development 70%
  • Photography 90%
  • Video Production 80%

Our team

We're a small, friendly and talented team. We craft beautiful digital solutions for awesome clients across all the platforms.


We believe that apps and websites should not only be eye catching but actually provide a great user experience that users will remember.

Identity & Branding

A beautiful product needs to be complemented with a great branding. Our design team will help you create it

User Experience

At the heart of everything we do lies a great user experience. We take pride in our interfaces and really think and test them through


A beautiful product needs to be complemented with a great branding. Our design team will help you create it


We design beautiful responsive websites and iOS apps focusing on design, content and a great user experience.

iOS Development

We're awesome at coding iPhone and iPad apps. We'll help you from idea to the finish application.

Video Production

A beautiful product needs to be complemented with a great branding. Our design team will help you create it


We work with great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work.

We love technology

We tackle business problems with intelligence. We use cutting-edge tech and cutting-edge thinking to bring brands to life online and direct consumer behaviour.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes Art is knowing which ones to keep

- Richard Johnson -


We help build products from idea to launch. We're experts at web & mobile design, branding, iOS development & frontend. Here's some of our work.

Portfolio 1

Chambre Des Notaires

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Portfolio 1

Mors Identity

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Portfolio 1

Beauty Collection

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Portfolio 1

Portrait Retouching

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Portfolio 1

Red Hot Pepperoni

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77a First Street, London, United Kingdom


Want to say hello? Want to know more about us? Give us a call or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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